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'Serenity and Celebration' Dreamstage Virtual Concert

August 30, 2020 4:45pm

Cost: $25.00

A new international “live virtual concert hall” platform called Dreamstage ( has been co-developed during Coronatide to meet the needs of performing musicians, by start-up CEO Thomas Hesse and the superstar cellist Jan Vogler. Because Jan happens to be a close friend of one of our Choir School Advisory Council members, and because St. John’s has invested heavily in live broadcast technology over the summer, it so happens that for the international launch of Dreamstage in the coming weeks, our very own pipe organ is going to be featured in a special 80-minute edition of Bach & Friends at Quarter Till!


St. John’s goes live to the world on August 30 at 4:45, but you’ll only be able to watch this special recital if you buy a ticket from Dreamstage.


Tickets are on sale now for $25 exclusively at One ticket is good for all your friends and family watching around one computer.


Best of all, $20 of that ticket price goes directly toward the restoration of St. John’s historic 1894 Hook & Hastings organ. Currently, all donations are being matched, so your $25 ticket is worth $40 for the organ! So please spread the word, especially by sharing this post and tagging the producers:
In its direct financial support of artists, in serving as a turnkey box office that takes care of permissions for streaming and the royalties to publishers and composers, and in providing a spectacularly stable high-resolution digital stage, Dreamstage is going to revolutionize live music-making well past the pandemic. It has already been featured on Fox Business News and in Germany’s largest newspaper. Make history with Peter Berton as he makes music; someday you’ll tell your friends, “And to think, I knew him when…”


For more information, check out this video:


P.S. Past editions of Bach & Friends may be found on our website’s Quarter Till archive, and more will be added soon! Visit the archive at


P.P.S. For parishioners, if the ticket price is outside your entertainment budget, please contact Fr. Humphrey. A number of subsidized tickets are available, and we wouldn’t want anyone to miss this exciting event due to cost considerations.

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