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The Choir School of Newport County

An innovative partnership of Emmanuel Church, Trinity Church and the Zabriskie Memorial Church of St. John the Evangelist, Newport, for all of Newport County

Forming Lives of Character and Service through the joy and discipline of choral music, enabled by a unified curriculum and the faculty resources of several participating institutions. The idea is hardly new, but the unique partnership here is…enabling overlapping schedules and creative teaching approaches to fast-track your child to success.

The ensembles of The Choir School give boys and girls a special opportunity for developing the values of self-esteem, a positive attitude, respect, team spirit, discipline, and service to others. Making music at the highest level, ultimately alongside adult singers, with professional, adult expectations, is the vehicle for developing these gifts. Singers in intergenerational choirs gain experience and confidence to meet many of the challenges of their future lives.

Visit the ENSEMBLES page to learn more about each division:

Newport Community Youth Choir for grades 2-6  

Professional Choristers for ages 7 1/2 and up  

Emmanuel Angel Choir for ages 4-7  


What a child can expect…
• Singing well is hard work, and also a lot of fun!
• Making new friends who are as excited about music as you are
• Travel, non-singing activities, and a fantastic choir camp in August
• Sing the world’s greatest choral music in its original form with adult singers, not simplified versions
• For professional choristers, a monthly stipend is paid for weekday and Sunday rehearsals, based on your attendance and level. Stipends range from about $12 to $40 per month.
• The churches of The Choir School are beautiful, safe, inspiring places.

What a parent can expect…
• Brain Power! The study of music stimulates and often dramatically improves a child’s overall intellectual development and academic performance. A choral education teaches problem solving, spatial reasoning, cooperation, and an appreciation of excellence, along with patience.
• Community. Parents will find themselves part of an extended and vital “choir family,” proud of the whole team


The Choir School’s constituent churches are affiliated with the Royal School of Church Music in America. While our faculty and services are Episcopal and Roman Catholic, religious affiliation is not expected or required of students. For more information see: