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"Strength, Joy, and Peace: A Choral Year from St. John's, Newport"


"I cannot thank you enough! The ceremony was beautiful. It brought Peter and I to tears along with so many others. We received compliments on the music throughout the wedding by many of our guests. Everything was beyond perfect. Thank you for sending me this video - I’ve shared it with other family members and we have watched it multiple times. The violin was also such a beautiful touch! We could not be happier. Thank you for working so hard in putting everything together. You truly made our wedding a dream. We are beyond grateful. "

Important Message

Following the announcement of Rhode Island schools reopening, we are thrilled to welcome our choristers back to rehearsals the week of September 21st! The Choir School, including its Piano Program, is banding together, even as we are physically apart, by continuing to meet by way of video practice. These virtual gatherings allow students not just to work on their music, but most importantly, continue to connect with their CSNC family and friends. The Choir School of Newport County is proud to have played a role in helping our families and students overcome obstacles in the past and we are committed to doing so again today and in the future. For many of our students, CSNC is their family, their emotional support system and in some cases, the source of their consistent meals. The economic challenges that accompany this health crisis have everyone rethinking their philanthropic outlook. However, now more than ever, the CSNC needs your support so that we can continue to reach students in need. Please click below to make your donation. Every dollar counts.

Support The Choir School

We hope you enjoy this video of our amazing Choir School as much as we did putting it together. Thankfully, we were able to make this video before the COVID shutdown. To support the still-ongoing virtual work of The Choir School, please consider making a donation by clicking here.

What to Expect

What a child can expect…

  • Singing well is hard work, and also a lot of fun!
  • Making new friends who are as excited about music as you are
  • Travel, non-singing activities, and a fantastic choir camp in August
  • Sing the world’s greatest choral music in its original form with adult singers, not simplified versions
  • For professional choristers, a monthly stipend is paid for weekday and Sunday rehearsals, based on your attendance and level. Stipends range from about $12 to $40 per month.
  • The churches of The Choir School are beautiful, safe, inspiring places.

What a parent can expect…

  • Brain Power! The study of music stimulates and often dramatically improves a child’s overall intellectual development and academic performance. A choral education teaches problem solving, spatial reasoning, cooperation, and an appreciation of excellence, along with patience.
  • Community. Parents will find themselves part of an extended and vital “choir family,” proud of the whole team

The Choir School’s constituent churches are affiliated with the Royal School of Church Music in America. While our faculty and services are part of the rich Episcopal tradition of choral training and performance, religious affiliation is not expected or required of students. For more information see: